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Doppler and uterus size question

Hi everyone.

Firstly thank you all for your replies on the spotting thread I made awhile ago, everything turned out fine and I saw them again at 9 weeks and had grown well and had lovely strong heartbeats.

I have had a doppler since around 9 weeks and picked up two heartbeats, although they sounded similar.

Since then the heartbeats have got further apart and are now on either side of my tummy button, one closer to the top of the pubic bone and the other a little higher. Again they sound similar (both sound in between horses and train!)

I am just a little worried that after reading it could be the same babies heartbeat and not both. What are your thoughts?

Also my uterus is very high its around 1-2 inches from my tummy button and I look about 4-5 months pregnant already! Does this sound right I am 11 weeks and 4 days.

I am so nervous about my 12 week scan....... worried that there will only be one. I have the scan next tues......... so not long to wait

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I had never used a doppler before this pregnancy when my neighbour offered me one for reassurance due to past problems. I have only been able to find each twin seperately from about 16 weeks and can only be sure because the loud loud thud is so far apart and scans prove their advice is put the doppler away for a few weeks , i'm sure everything will be fine x i know it is hard, twin pregnancy is such a test of faith in them. Even now i can't really feel twin 1 move and the wait between scans seems like an eternity, just try and believe in your twinnies and keep yourself as busy as possible. You have my full sympathy x

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Just try to relax and not worry. Trust that there are two healthy babies, since there is nothing you can do anyway, you know? Stress isn't good fr you.

I was big enough at 14 weeks that people would ask me when I was due. There are a lot of hormones that exaggerate everything, including the bloating, lol.

Good luck and I wish you a happy and uneventful pregnancy.

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