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Bruised or fractured rib

Has anyone had a bruised or fractured rib while pregnant. I'm in a lot of pain. I can't breath,sneeze,cough, laugh, or move much without my rib on the left killing me. Just curious if someone else had this and it turns Doug not to be fractured but because a baby was in the ribs or something. It has been a week now so I think I'll call my doctor but what can they even do?? I can't get a x-ray while pregnant. Thanks for sharing.

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I had exactly the same it was so so painful I couldn't sleep, laugh cough without being in absolute agony!! I started sleeping in an armchair as I couldn't lay down at all!! I was told it was jus where the babies were pushing on everything and to take paracetomol( which didn't help)
It did go away after a few weeks when the babies shifted downwards a bit!! So it maybe a case of putting up with it for awhile. Sorry!! Wish I could offer better advice.

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