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Brown spotting on day af is supposed to arrive. NO BFP and 4 days late now! WTF

DH and I were not trying this month, but a day before I think I ovulated our condom broke. I took a test at what I think was 10 dpo and one at 12 dpo. Both were negative. I am never late when it comes to my period, but this month I am. Tuesday I started spotting light brown, then Wednesday and today NOTHING! I haven't taken a test since Monday. I may have ovulated later than I thought, too, but I'm not sure since I wasn't charting. I plan on taking another test, but I would like to know if anyone has had this and if they were preggo or not? Thanks

Took an Answer hpt this morning and BFN. No AF, no spotting, no preggo symptoms, nothing... Please help.

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I'm 4 days late and testing negative! Didn't have any bleeding though. Fingers crossed for you

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