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Worth testing??

Hey ladies I'm after some wisdom, this is my 1st month ttc I have no idea when I ovulate don't do charting or tests. As soon as AF finished hubby and I started every other day. I'm pretty confident I ovulated on the 16th June, felt crappy in the lower abdomen and had a clear disharge. On the 19th and 20th I had very light spotting, brown in colour. I straight away thought implantation bleeding but thought there was no way it could implant that quickly. A lady I work with that has a bub told me she had implantion bleeding 3dpo, and her OB told her that while it was uncommen it does occasionally happen that quickly, every woman is different.
Since mid last week I have had increasing nausea that comes in waves, the last 2 days I have also been vomitting. I have very little appetite, I'm extremely thirsty and whilst my boobs aren't constantly sore they are bigger and I get like a throbbing pain in them on and off. I also have ulcers in my mouth headaches and lower back pain.
It seems crazy to me to be experiencing symptoms so early which makes me doubt that I am pregnant, unless I concieved the day before or 2 days after AF which also seems unlikely.
AF isn't due again until July 6th so I'm pretty sure it's not worth testing this early but given the symptoms I'm really just wanting to know 1 way or the other.
So ladies do I test or wait? Anyone else been through something similar? I feel like I'm going crazy!!!!

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Go ahead and do a test..if BFN wait until AF is missed.. It will make you feel better

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