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11dpo, still bfn... Am I out? Need some positive stories!

So I'm 11dpo today iv tested since 7dpo with one step ic's, and have had a load, on every test what seem to incredibly convincing looking evaps...(see my previous post to view pics) im running out of hope now and just need to here if it's still possible to be getting false negative results?
I'm have sore nipples and lots of cm, cramps started 9dpo in bed, just like AF is coming any min, I don't get cramps till second day of AF usually, iv not really looked into symptoms to much, I started this tww apsolutely convinced I was pregnant, 'just knew' sorter thing but now I'm doubting, my bbs ate aching as we speak, I don't get that will AF either, just plump boobs not swollen and tender. In so frustrated and depressed about this! Just want to know

Anyone else out there in limbo wanna talk about it?
Thanks for reading my *rant* post.

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Don't give up until AF comes!! Think POSITIVE

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