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Weird bleeding - implantation?

Hi guys,
I know there are posts like this all the time, but I'm really confused about all this! FYI, my cycles are usually 31-32 days long, with a 13 to 14-day LP. I usually have brown spotting for one day before my period, and then it comes on full force and is really really heavy with clots and terrible cramps.

I had EWCM on CD18 and got a +OPK on CD19. So I'm assuming I ovulated around CD20/21?
At 9/10dpo, in the evening, I had a weird little gush of red blood... It definitely was nothing like my period... no clots, light red instead of dark, and very light "flow"... it's almost as if I had a cut or something (but I didn't, I checked!) I went to sleep, and then the next morning when I wiped, I had the same thing. Since then, I've had brown spotting. I'm 11/12dpo at the moment. None of the red or brown spotting has been enough to even fill a pantyliner, and I've had zero cramps (just an uncomfortable feeling in my belly, among other symptoms... But they could be explained by AF too).

I just thought this was really weird, because if my period were to actually start soon, that'd mean I'd have red "flow", then brown for a few days, then red again? I've never had that in my life.

I took an HPT today (a dollar store cheapie) and it was negative, but how long do you have to wait after implantation bleeding (if that's what it is) to see a positive?
Just wondering if this has ever happened to anyone else... Guess I just have to wait it out!

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Normally takes 3-6 days after implantation bleed for HCG to show up on a PG test...good luck!!


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