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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Can anyone help? Question about implantation bleeding?

I am TTC. I am on a 30 cycle exactly! never changes. I had my period nov 14th. My ovulation day was the 30th. I had sex the 29th and 30th.
5 days later I started spotting brownish blood. Very light.
6 days later it was still bleeding light brown but started getting heavier.
Now I am bleeding very heavy.

I have some stomach pains, lots of bloading, and mild cramping. I also have frequent head aches.

My period is NEVER off. It is always on the 13 or 14th of every month. So why am I bleeding so much now? I heard that some people can have heavy implantation bleeding which may be confused as a period. Is this happeneing to me?
My periods usually start out heavy. Not light. And I get extreme cramping. I havent had any different stress than I am used too. Can someone please tell me what might be going on?

Have you or anyone you know have heavy implantation bleeding 9 days before your expected period?

Also, I am currently using a tampon. Is this okay? I have an allergy type thing to pads even if I change them every 30 minutes...

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