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I can't button any of my pants today. My belly has never been so bloated.

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Cycle 2:
1-3dpo - nothing
4dpo - slightly bloody cm in the morning. Bout of diarrhoea in the evening.
5dpo - bout of diarrhoea again in the evening.
6dpo - nothing
7dpo - intense craving for scones
8 + 9dpo - nothing really. BFN
10dpo - some AF cramps starting. Feeling some waves of nausea? Sometimes get this before AF though.
11dpo - AF cramps

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BD on CD 14 & 16, O on CD 18 (according to period tracker app).

1-3 dpo - very sore boobs
4 dpo - very sore boobs, constipation, gas
5 dpo - sore boobs, extreme fatigue
6 dpo - sore boobs, keep passing gas, very sleepy and tired whole day
7 dpo - sharp pain left boobs, sharp pain lower right abdoment for few secs, keep passing gas, very sleepy and tired whole day
8-10 dpo - sore boobs, gas
11 dpo - lesser sore boobs, gas, heartburn, fatigue
12 dpo - not much sore boobs, light spotting in the evening, fatigue, heartburn, bloated, gas. AF supposed to come today.
13 dpo - spotting again, heartburn, cramps lower abs, bloated, gas
14 dpo - AF came

I normally don't feel any sore boobs unless it is about 1 week before AF came, but this time round was having very sore boobs since O, which was 2 weeks early. I felt weird and thought I was gonna get it this month so I started tracking all the symptoms and read more about it for comparison. But turns out not. Will try again next Started taking evening primrose oil (500mg/day) until O, fish oil (500mg/day) and vitamin C (500mg/day), in addition to my B complex (half tablet/day). Lol hope I'm not taking way too much vitamins considering taking lower dose each day.

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Feels like an early/altered AF


I've kept up with this thread for the last few months, but I never posted. I'm as obsessive as they come, so I won't pretend that this is my first time POAS this month (or today :-|). I just got the faintest BFP in the history of faint BFPs, so here is what I noticed this tww:

O - weird pre-o cycle for me this month. Broke out in horrible acne during my fertile week and had ovulation pain on both sides (but mainly left). DTD the morning of suspected ovulation and 3 days before.
1 dpo - cranky; tender nipples (typical)
2 dpo - yeast infection starting; craaaa-ha-haaanky; tender nipples (typical)
3 dpo - full-blown yeast infection; starting to get hungry (super typical); nipples still tender (less typical)
4 - 6 dpo - yeast infection; ravenous; can't stop eating; one tender nipple; cramps starting
7 dpo - yeast infection subsiding; tested BFN; cramps (typical one week out); tenderness subsiding; 99% sure I'm out; cold at night; my dogs are always needy, but the dog we're babysitting can't stay out of my lap
8 dpo - BFN (can't stop once I start); weird pinching sensation in left abdomen - feels hot; cold at night
9 or 10 dpo - (not sure which; charts are slightly off) morning BFN; cramps; 99.9% sure I'm out this month; depressed, I drank coffee, bought a new bottle of wine (didn't drink any), and watched Netflix with reckless abandon

ran some errands and came back in the mid-afternoon; had to go to the bathroom, so I figured, "eh. Why not?" Took an IC test. You know, the ones that have indent lines, but you try to burn through them. Except the indent line remained at every angle...Used the same sample and a different brand IC test, and saw the faintest of faint lines. Opened up those FRER and used one with the same sample. It took the full time, but another faint line! I made an appointment and ran up to the pharmacy for a blue dye and digital test. Held for two hours and came back with two more positives (confirmed digital). BFP!

I have my first appointment tomorrow, and I will update from there! We have been trying for our first, so I am incredibly excited!

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I ovulated last night, August 8th. This will be my second time recording symptoms for the DPO, so I'm going to type out my symptoms for this cycle, and then in italics have my previous symptoms from when I tracked them in February.

1 DPO - Sore nipples since just before ovulation, decreased appetite, a little heartburn, just don't feel well. But obviously all that is too early to be related to pregnancy. Restless leg syndrome symptoms that night. (Sore nipples since just before ovulation, increased appetite/cravings)

2 DPO - Same as day 1, with a little bit of irritability and moodiness. Really short of breath later in the night. (Same as day 1)

3 DPO - Nipples are still sore, which is typical for me. A little gassy. My appetite is back, as well as my energy, even though I worked overnight. (Same as day 1)

4 DPO - Sore nipples and big appetite! (Same as day 1)

5 DPO - Sore nipples, increased appetite, gassy. (Sore nipples, cravings, fatigue, insomnia, gassy, pressure in pelvic region, heartburn)

6 DPO - Breasts are overall sore, increased appetite, woke up at 2am to pee, also had heartburn, couldn't fall back to sleep so I ate some ice cream and went back to bed around 7. Woke up in a good mood with lots of energy and deep cleaned the whole house. (Sore nipples, cravings, fatigue, insomnia, gassy, mildly constipated, pressure in pelvic region, headache, nausea late at night)

7 DPO - Breasts are still sore all over. Skin is breaking out really bad, though it has been pretty much since day 1. Been having aching/pressure on the side from which I ovulated. Not really there today. Also woke up at 7am, then pretty much went right back to bed for a few hours. (Sore nipples, decreased appetite, fatigue, insomnia, gassy, mildly constipated, pressure in pelvic region, irritable, runny nose/allergies)

8 DPO - Did not sleep well last night. Up every hour or two peeing. But I know it's still too early for that if I am pregnant. My breasts are still sore. But that's pretty much it. (Apart from my nipples being sore and in increase in vaginal discharge, all my other symptoms are pretty much gone or just less today. Good mood and more energy than I probably should have after working a night shift and then only sleeping 5 hours after.)

9 DPO - Breasts still sore, a little gassy. (Increased vaginal discharge [can just feel it coming out; gross, white])

10 DPO - Breasts still sore, mild cramping off and on. Cravings. Took a million naps. I can feel the pre-AF vaginal discharge coming out. (Nipples are sore again, very strange, vivid dreams last night, increased vaginal discharge [wiped one time and found a nasty yellow glob], increased appetite, mildly constipated, gassy, mild cramping... I THINK I'm a little bloated too. It's hard to tell when you're bigger, but my pants felt extra tight today.)

11 DPO - Breasts aren't AS sore today. Mild cramping off and on. More vaginal discharge. Temp dropped a tad.
(Mostly just mildly constipated and gassy. Vivid dreams. Lots of vaginal discharge.)

12 DPO - Very queasy in the morning. Thought I was going to be sick. Mild cramping. Maybe from being constipated? Vaginal discharge continues. (Vivid dreams. Lots of vaginal discharge.)

13 DPO (Morning) - Mild cramping off and on. Vaginal discharge, still clear. Still a bit constipated. Woke up from some strange, vivid dreams. (Mild cramping, tan colored vaginal discharge... Other than those two things, which usually come just before my period sometimes... I have no other symptoms. See you soon AF.)

13 DPO (Afternoon) - Same as this morning. No AF yet. BFN on FRER. (AF is here and she's the heaviest she's been since before I got on BC... FOUR years ago. Ugh.)

14 DPO - My breasts are a little bit sore again, like if I lay on them. Still lots of clear discharge. Gas, constipation, and a increased sex drive.

15 DPO (Morning) - My breasts are still a little sore. Early this morning had lots of tan colored discharge, but not quite as much when I wipe now. No cramps. And no AF... yet.

15 DPO (Afternoon) - AF is here..

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Oh, I love this idea! Based on OPKs, temping, and what I think was ovulation pain, I Oed on August 1. (Edit: Possible I Oed on August 2 instead, in which case the dpos below are one day ahead. My temps are a little off due to restless sleep.)

I've been having issues with fatigue and trouble sleeping since before O, so I'm not going to count those as symptoms. My LP is usually 14 days.

5 DPO - Mild period-like cramping, kind of gassy—burping out of the blue
6 DPO - Vivid (and somewhat disturbing) dreams, kind of gassy again in the morning, nausea and more period-like cramping on and off throughout the day
7 DPO - On and off nausea (mostly with empty stomach), mild cramping, gassy.
8 DPO - Nausea, reduced appetite (felt full after a dinner half the size of my usual), gassy, mild cramping. BFN.
9 DPO - Nausea, reduced appetite, gassy, mild cramping. Slight soreness on breasts around armpits, mostly left side. BFN. Feeling out.
10 DPO - Nausea, feeling more tired/easily winded even than usual, reduced appetite, breasts feeling heavier than usual, gassy. BFN.
11 DPO - Nausea, tired, reduced appetite, breasts feeling heavier, gassy. Occasional mild cramping.
12 DPO - Nausea, tired, reduced appetite, gassy, mild cramping, breasts a little tender if pressed. BFN.
13 DPO - Nausea, reduced appetite, gassy, mild cramping, sharp pains in breasts and chest (mostly left side). Throat felt scratchy when I first woke up but normal now a couple hours later. Feeling weepy with little provocation.
14 DPO - Big temp drop, heavy brown spotting when I got up. AF in full flow by mid-day. Turning this red!

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1-3 dpo ovulation spotting, cramps
3 dpo stomach bug
4-10 dpo cramps
10 dpo bfn
11dpo coming down with a cold and feeling nauseated.
14dpo bfn
AF came but can't figure out the colour change sorry!

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Good afternoon ladies! This forum has helped me so much over my past months of TTC and obsessing over symptoms. I'm so excited to post! I got my BFP at 10 DPO and then confirmed with clear blue digital today at 11DPO. Here's a rundown of my DPO:
0-4 DPO: not much of anything a little mild cramping
5 DPO: Cramping picked up, woke up in the middle of the night with my uterus feeling full/heavy/crampy
6 DPO: more cramps and backaches started (never get backaches with AF so it was a big sign), sleeplessness
7 DPO: stabby pains in my right side and a few in my left, cramps off and on, backache all day, sleeplessness
8 DPO: cramps and backache and sleeplessness
9 DPO: cramps, backache, started to feel some soreness under my armpits and aching in my breasts, started to feel some aches in my knees/ankles/hips when trying to sleep, still having a hard time to sleep, gas
10 DPO: took at test at 4AM because I woke up super early and got a pretty good FRER it was faint but no squinting and good color could see it from a distance, my clinicguard IC was more of a shadow but could see it; more of the same symptoms of 9 DPO and stronger gas
11 DPO: positive on digital, stronger lines on FRER and IC! Breast pain/ache has picked up, off and on cramping, gas, and exhaustion (I've taken two naps today!)

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Hello! I'm here again this month. I try not to symptom spot too much, as I had all sorts of symptoms the last month but end up getting AF.

BD only on O day -CD 18 (according to period tracker app).

1-8 dpo - nothing, 8 DPO few secs pain on left pelvic bone
9-11 dpo - sore boobs, 9 DPO slight cramp left ovary
12 dpo - sharp pain left ovary, the pain comes on and off, and it lasted about 2 mins then stop.
13 dpo - sore boobs
14-16 dpo - AF supposed to come on 14 DPO, but only had light brownish spotting until today 16 DPO.
16 DPO AF arrived.

Been feeling very tired and sleepy always. Still no signs of AF and don't feel like AF is coming. Usually I will get the period cramps 1-2 days before AF come. I'm not sure if i ovulated late and delaying AF. But my cycle has always been consistent 30-31 days. I'm wondering what the spotting means..

Edit: AF arrived DPO16. Late 2 days.

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hi i will update testing 7dpo

3dpo slight cramps nothing else

4dpo constipated thrush and a bit of a cold

5dpo absolutely nothing

6dpo weird feeling like butterflies and sickness

7dpo nothing faint bfp on clear blue 6 days early

8dpo can smell everything cramps bfp


ended in mc at 4 and half weeks

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