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Old May 26th, 2018, 06:16 AM   6281
Trying to conceive (TTC)
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This is now our fifth month ttc (weíve been trying on and off for the past year).

I wasnít really symptom spotting this month for the first few days because I didnít think it would work but on 6dpo I got a very, very faint line on an IC so thought I would start to keep note of symptoms in case this one sticks!

0-3dpo: no symptoms
4dpo: bit nauseous in the morning but it went away quickly, feeling very warm
5dpo: bit nauseous in the morning again but it went away quickly, fatigue, brief pain in right ovary at night, feeling very warm
6dpo: vvfl on an IC with fmu, nauseous in the morning, again it disappeared quite quickly, fatigue, very mild cramping in lower abdomen and right ovary (on and off), small bit of a brown stain when I wiped, feeling very warm
7dpo: two completely negative ICís with fmu, fatigue (slept for a few hours in the afternoon), hay fever has started, mild lower abdomen cramping in the afternoon
8dpo: negative IC with fmu, fatigue, no hay fever, mild lower abdomen cramping in the afternoon
9dpo: negative IC with flu, fatigue, mild cramping
10dpo: negative IC with flu, fatigue, insomnia, cramping

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Old May 27th, 2018, 10:35 AM   6282
Mum (Mom)
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We just got our this month

Symptoms were

1-5dpo absolutely nothing
6dpo major dizzy spell
7dpo lots of pulling and pinching in uterus, felt like af was going to be early.
8-9dpo same as above and getting up to pee in the night. Feeling so tired needing to go to bed early. Dry cm. one thing did notice cervix was up way high
10dpo faint bfp in shock. Huge glob of ewcm. Although after this went dry again
11dpo on wards dry cm, boobs becoming tender, tired, peeing in night and really hungry.

Things I did to ttc:
took preconception vits
Had a cup of green decaf tea every other day
Light exercise every other day
Lots of salads
Reduced caffeine
Used preseed
Only bd twice around fertile days this month
Legs up in air for 20 mins afterwards

It took us three months total this time ttc. Massive difference to first.

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Old Jun 10th, 2018, 11:19 AM   6283
Mum (Mom)
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1-3 DPO Left ovary pain. Feels like ovulation pain.

3-4 DPO Left ovary pain continues accompanied by light pin like pinches in uterus.

4-5 DPO Pinches continue. Boobs are a little tender. Very tired.

5-6 DPO Left breast is very tender. Peeing a lot. Slippery CM. Dull cramps in uterus. Mild lower back pain which is only noticeable when I lay down.

6-7 DPO Cramps and pinches continue. Muscle aches (I keep telling myself these symptoms are because of progesterone). Silly me tested and off course got a BFN

7-8 DPO Still cramping, gassy, pulling and pinching sensation in uterus, yellowish tinge cm. I could swear I see a faint line on a FRER.


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Old Jun 16th, 2018, 10:18 AM   6284
Mum (Mom)
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Feeling like this might be a good month

1-2 DPO: lots of pelvis and back cramps

2-4 DPO: same as above plus pinching near my belly button

5 DPO: burning sensation in belly that woke me up stayed around for about an hr then went away. Dry mouth. Clogged ears.

6 DPO: sharp pain in right bb

7 DPO: nothing new

8 DPO: nothing new

9 DPO:

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