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Could I still be pregnant though test says - ?

I was ovulating Nov. 2-3. I wasn't TTC, but it just so happened that was the time frame my bf and I were "together".

DPO and symptoms:
7 - slight cramping and nausea
8 - same
9 - bad nausea all day and aversion to food I enjoy, back pain
10 - morning sickness, hungry more than normal, unusually tired, back pain
11 - morning sickness, hungry more than normal, cravings for sweets, unusually tired, back pain, yellow/white discharge, and have to pee more often
12 - same as 11 with a new keen sense of smell
13 - same as 12
14 - Took an FRER today when my period should have started but hasn't yet (it's normally very regular) and -

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It is possible, I would wait a few more days to test again. Maybe you ovulated later than you thought? Best of luck

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