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BBT Fever 5DPO?

I don't have my chart posted (sorry ladies, haven't figured that out yet), but I had a very clear temperature shift when I O'd. At 5 dpo, I have a 99.3 BBT. Does this mean anything?

I'm trying not to focus on every single possible symptom, but this one seemed pretty significant to me. This is my first month temping and first month ttc, so I'm not totally sure what's the norm for me.


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This is first month temping for me too, but as far as I know, your temperatures peak at about 7DPO. Mine reached high at 5DPO too, then dipped a little. Hope that helps

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Would you like to know how to post your chart? Just ask!
The first month temping is tricky because you don't know what's normal, but after a while you will start to see a pattern, and then it'll become much easier to understand.

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