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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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First time checking CP and CM

So for any of you that has read any of my previous threads , I'm 15 dpo and have been having symptoms like crazy! So I decided to do some research and check CP and CM for the first time. I kinda have the idea of what to feel for, but I wanted some advice on it. AF is due today and from what I've read when you check your cervix day of AF you get slight blood on your finger? Mine was pretty high I think, like I had to go way up there to find it, and I didn't feel a opening (I don't think) is the opening very noticeable and can any one shed light on what I'm feeling for ? Oh and my CM was white, and thick.

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It's really hard to come to any conclusion after only checking your cp and CM one time. You really have to check it every day for several months to get what is normal. Typically when AF is due your cp drops down gets hard and opens up but not always, the last two months mine has stayed high and soft. During ovulation it should be high soft and open, this should be the same for everyone. So unless you have been checking for a while it's hard to know what is normal for you.

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