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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Newbie! Help with chart?

Hi Ladies,

So I'm making myself crazy (I know, how unusual during the TWW !)

Here's my chart:

It seems like every other day I enter new information in FF that causes it to change when it thinks I ovulated. This will be my first regular cycle after a MMC at 8 weeks in August. This is also only my second full cycle of temping and recording and the first one (right after the MC) was anovulatory, so I don't have much to compare. At first I thought I O'd on CD12, but then another temp increase caused that to change to CD18, which would fit based on my usual cycle length of about 34 days. I almost never get EWCM, but I did get one little spot on CD15, which sort of backs up the CD18 theory. However, that rise hasn't really stuck. It dipped again at CD 22 and 23, too soon for implantation, and today was low as well. I discarded today's temp because I actually took it like 3 separate times (I kept waking up) and they varied widely, so I didn't trust them. I'm unsure about the positive OPKs too because the lines were never as dark as the control line, but I could see a definite darkening that peaked on those days, and then they got lighter from there so I retroactively noted those days as +.

Just today I noticed a very small amount of cramping in the proper general area, to the right side. No spotting or other symptoms of any kind. I've also been checking my cp all month and while it seems to vary a lot, yesterday and today it's been high, soft and mostly closed.

In addition to not knowing when I O'd (and therefore when to test) I'm a little stressed out by how little variation there is in my temps. It seems like there's a small thermal shift, but with the follicular peaks and luteal dips it's hard to be sure. Could this indicate a hormone problem? I conceived DD really easily, but that was four years ago...

So what do you think? Should I still be optimistic? Or preparing for AF due to today's (possible) dip and considering asking an OB about testing my hormone levels? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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Looks like you O'd on cd13 and I can see from your chart you ended up getting AF after this post which is what I would have said considering the big dip . It seems a bit shorter than your regular cycle length but keep in mind that it is your first cycle after your MMC .. it can take a few months for your cycles to work their way back to the 34 days IF they ever do . I wouldn't worry because it seems you ovulated and had a 12-13 day LP which is great!

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