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Nose Bleed 4dpo

Hi All! I am about 4-5dpo and I just had my first nosebleed ever! It wasn't heavy or anything but still kinda strange. I also woke up with my heart racing Thursday night/Friday morning. It actually woke me up.
Symptoms of wee early pregnancy? Implantation probably wouldn't even have occurred why would I have symptoms? Any thoughts or experiences like this?
Thanks for your help!

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Did you have a bfp?


I noticed no one replied to this but I was happy to see that this was posted fairly recently! I'm about 4 dpo now and just had a nosebleed (I also noticed blood on a tissue after I blew my nose earlier today). I haven't had a nosebleed since I was little. I am also thinking it's too early for any symptoms at this point, not to mention that it's cold here and the air is probably dry. But I'm just really curious if you got your BFP after you posted this, because it sounds just like me!

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