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ms sunshine
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Help 10 days late :(

Im using one step hpts. I used them when i was due and i thought there was a line. Im 10 days late did a test ok its afternoon wee and i had a drink but get a faint line? Its stark white. Literally crying. I confirmed o i have a 10 day lp. I have loads of cps thought thia was different. I feel sick, lb cramping in the right place i feel.hormonal. i dont know..are theses tests rubbish? I wish id not done it now feel heartbroken

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10 days is very very late. I'd test again first thing in the morning and if still nothing maybe make a doctors appointment. Fingers crossed for you, I've seen posts on here from women that have been a few months along before testing positive.

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At 10 days late, you should definitely be getting something obvious i would have thought.

But then there is always the hook effect. My suggestion would be to go and have a blood test.

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