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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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Wetness Concerns

We have decided that we want to wait 3 more years to try for our own little one but lately things have been weird. I have been on the nuva ring since September of 2016 and my periods have been very normal, on time and lasted my regular 5 days. However this last cycle is all crazy. I was supposed to get my period on the 23rd of February, but on the 20th I got it lightly for a few hours and then nothing. After that I got it on the 27th and I still have it now (March 9th). I have had a lot of wetness, like WAY too much. I'll be walking around the house and it will run down my leg. (It's not pee. I check every time) My underwear are wet to the point where I can notice it and can see a rather large spot when I go to the bathroom. It's just a clear liquid that I've never had before and am so confused. It wouldn't be horrible if I were pregnant, but we want to wait. Any ideas?

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Wetness can be a pregnancy symptom, I remember running to the loo several times a day during early pregnancy thinking I'd started bleeding.

Either way I'd suggest booking to see your GP/OBGYN as if you're not pregnant, something could be amiss with your nuva ring x

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