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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Is it bfp or false? 1 week late! Going crazy

I have a 28/29 day cycle - ALWAYS. however I'm now cd35 at 16dpo (judged from opks).
Multiple bfn hpt. I did a test yesterday morning and was blank, however I came home from work and saw a line on that test (pic attached) which is at least 8 hours later. I haven't had an evap on a pink or purple dye test before and this line is as thick as the control line. However I did another test this morning and was negative. Lots of symptoms, wet feeling down there, lots of creamy or watery cm, little nausea, bloating, veiny and full boobs, headaches and tired. Now a week late so when should I go for bloods? I'm nervous to go and get a negative. Please help me from going crazy with your thoughts. Thanks x

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I can see a line on that but at 8 hours later you've got to ignore it unfortunately. It's possible you ovulated later and it's just too early for a positive test, though! I don't know what your doctor is like but a lot of doctors will do urine tests first that don't tend to be very sensitive, so if that's the case with your doctor, you'll have the same result there. I'd test again with a more sensitive test in a few days and go from there. Good luck!

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Something similar happened to me with a blue dye test but it ultimately was bfn. Have you been taking progesterone or other hormones like clomid? Progesterone can delay your period and give you preg 'symptoms'. I really hope you just had a late implanter and got a BFP! Give us an update when you can! Good luck!

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I can see a line but I would test again as it was outside of the time limit. Good luck!

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Hey have you retested? I see the line on the test.

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