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11 dpo (I think) with PCOS

I got a very positive OPK on March 3rd and we DtD. I have PCOS and since I read that ovulation tests could give false positives in people with PCOS so I decided to use another OPK 3 days ago and it was negative, so my positive test combined with the symptoms I had I am 90% sure I ovulated within a day or two of the 3rd.

With that being said, I have tested every day since 7 dpo and it's been BFN. Yesterday (10 dpo?) I started getting painful twinges near the left side of my uterus which I thought was weird. Today I've been cramping. I have no idea when my period is due to start since my last one was birth control induced and wasn't actually an ovulation period.

Since I am about 11 dpo now and getting BFN do you think I am out?

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