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Worried girl
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Am I pregnant??

My period came on around Jan 25 , I had sex on feb 5th unprotected. He pulled out but I was all wet down there . It was clear and sticky and I have not yet taken a pregnancy test. My period hasn't came on ever since and I'm started to get worried. I haven't felt any symptoms at all expect my breast are sore. Should I wait longer or should I take the pregnancy test?

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If you haven't had a period since 25th Jan then you could very well be pregnant. They only way to know if to take a test. If you are you will definitely get a positive test x

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I never say definite but yes, you would most likely (90% or more likely) get a positive by now.

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If your last period was Jan 25th, have you already skipped a period? I would definitely take a test.

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