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Implantation pain?


I'm 4dpo and today I've been getting a lot of period aches and sharp twinges in what I think might be cervix area .. ( which I haven't had since I was pg with my son) .. could these cramps and pains be implantation? Or is it too early? Thanks x

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Implantation normally occurs about 9dpo but can be anything from 3dpo to 12 dpo.

Hope that this helps.

Lots of baby dust to you.

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Just thought I'd add that it could be. With my daughter, I'm pretty sure I felt it. It felt like weird pin prick sensations in my uterus (not cervix, more on the front under the pubic bone) and then one really sharp painful stabbing pain. This was maybe 5/6 dpo. My symptoms came on really strongly within about 2 days of that (at 8 dpo) and I got a strong positive at 10 dpo, so I'm sure it much have been implantation.

With my 2nd pregnancy (which ended in mc), it wasn't so much that pin prick feeling as just a weird cramping, expanding feeling, like AF like cramps (though I don't actually get cramps at AF, which is weird I know), but just sort of different, like a pulling, expanding feeling. It was a very distinct feeling. Symptoms again started two days later and I had a positive test the next morning.

I don't know yet about this month, but on Monday, I had the same weird cramping, expanding feeling. It was really obvious only because I've had it so recently (had the same cramping for the first few weeks of my last pregnancy, which was only in March, so it's recent enough that the memory is very fresh). I started to get nauseous on Tuesday and was really nauseous today. I think it seems too early still (8 dpo), but I got strong symptoms with my first at 8dpo and second at 10dpo. So it's possible. But yes, definitely think I felt implantation both times and it was really different than anything else I've found, so could definitely be what you felt. Any updates?

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Yesterday I was 12 dpo and had the lightest pink spotting. I never spot before my period. Today and yesterday I've had sharp pin prick pains in the right side of my lower abdomen. I've actually had them on and off throughout this TWW. Praying it was IB last night. I haven't had any spotting since. Good luck to you!

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