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New here; symptom spotting!

Hi all!
I'm new to this section and haven't been on the BNB forum for some time! I first joined in 2010 when pregnant with my daughter!

I've had the mirena coil in since 2012 after I'd had my son in early 2012 and started a new relationship later in 2012 (still together)

I had my mirena removed...
22nd May 2017
And according to my app I would have ovulated 27th May 2017
I had my periods regularly and throughout my time with the mirena so I assume I'd have been ovulating too?
Since the 29th though I've been feeling... Different!!
Due to some post removal bleeding my partner and I hadn't been intimate from the Monday 22nd to the Monday 29th. However had been in the week leading up to the mirena removal...

We haven't been actively trying (or all that active since the removal) but we haven't prevented since mirena removal with intentions to try from this point out...

I've been having a "let down" feeling in my boobs everyday (since 29th) more noticeably at night, haven't felt anything like it since breastfeeding my son (9/10 months) so back end of 2012! I've occasionally had tender boobs around my monthlies but not like this (that I've noticed before, I may just be reading way too much into my body!)

Light period like cramps that aren't too noticeable as can move around to ease discomfort.

Have had some hot flushes certainly today and at some points yesterday... (I'm assuming I'm something like 7dpo but new to the entire concept!)

I've also noticed a change in my BM (sorry TMI :/)

I've done some dip stick tests that I believe are 25miu(if that means anything or if that's a correct measurement of sensitivity) which have all been very clear negatives so fairly certain I'm not pregnant as I don't think it'd happen so quickly for us... And having looked around I'm not experiencing alot of the symptoms that others generally do at this stage of "post ovulation" leading up to their BFP's

I'm just wondering if anyone has experienced similar?
Is it anything to do with the hormones going back to raging mad woman since having the mirena coil out (that levelled me to standard mad woman)
I'm probably (obviously more like) testing too early... And is the sensitivity too high for "before missed period" I'm due on 10th June 2017 so I'm about 7 days away... Should I try a different test? If so any recommendations?

Don't know whether I'm setting myself up for failure/disappointment here and kinda just want to know what the situation is as it all feels to have happened so instantly since mirena being removed!

I should mention that I've been taking folic acid in preparation for trying so maybe these are all side effects??

Sorry for the long one and thank you to any and all that take the time to read!

Good luck and best wishes to all!

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