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need help implantation question

Hello I'm a bit confused got 2 faint positive hpts yesterday @ 7dpo one fmu and then another faint line afternoon time. Well this morning at 8dpo I started to bleed a little it's getting to the pad not heavy flow but More than just spotting only used 1 pad so far all cramps or any pms symptoms. I didn't test again yet because I saw the bleeding but will tomorrow morning.

Has anyone had IB like this? Also thought you only get a positive test after IB??*

It's strange because my period isn't due till 14dpo and is always very very heavy till period ends. I'm just all sorts of confused*

Guess I will know by tomorrow if flow pick up or I get a negative test then*
It's driving me crazy not knowing right now ....

What was your IB like how long and flow if any*thanks

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Well first it's extremely unlikely to get a positive hpt at 7dpo so I'm curious how you confirmed ovulation.
second with true IB sometimes it can happen same day or happens up to 48 hours after implantation so it is possible.
What types of tests are you using?

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I had simar last month. Spotting on 7dpo, a full week before af was due. Tested and got strong bfp around 10dpo. Blood tests confirmed. Spotting never let up though (I kept thinking it was clearing then It would start again). I mc 10 days later (4.4wks pg)
Wish I had a more positive story/outcome for you. I really hope your experience is the opposite to mine

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