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Trigger shot and tests

I'm 11DPT/9DPO. I've been testing out the trigger shot, and it looked like it was pretty much gone at 7dpo, and all the tests, IC,walmart, FRER's everything still has faint lines now. It hasn't gotten darker yet, but at 9dpo that's not totally surprising.

I accidentally used a rapid response, and it had the same line that lunchtime FRER had today.

I know it's less sensitive, but this far out it's not likely to just be from the trigger shot, right? I've always tested out around 7DPT in the past cycles, pregnant once (term baby), chemical the second time and this is the 3rd attempt from the chemical, I guess I'm worried it's gonna turn into another chemical.

I go tuesday for a blood test.

Osom test at 9dpo

Osom/walmart at 6/7DPO - just to show the lines.

I've also used a variety of IC to test out trigger, and am waiting to see if they get darker, they've been faint positives since yesterday afternoon, but IC take forever to develop darker lines.

Here's the rapid response test at the 1 minute mark.

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I see the line on the rapid response I think 11DPT would definitely be safe from getting lingering results from the trigger. I hope you get confirmation at your blood test tomorrow! I got my BFP at 11DPT, although I'm pretty sure I O'd within 24 hrs of trigger so it would have been 10DPO, it was faint but has been sticking so far. Good luck!

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