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What is happening? Ugh

I'm so confused. Maybe feeling pregnant could be a different issue?
Last Period: May 18
Clear Blue advanced: peak may 29-30
Ovulation ic: positive may 31.
I'm guessing I ovulated may 30/31 somewhere in there.
I'm 12dpo BFN
Since 3 dpo have cramps and left pelvic pain almost every day. This is new as I never cramp except sometimes day of AF.
5dpo and on... my boobs have been killing me. Also new.
8dpo and on... nipples randomly tingle and sometimes hurt like someone is pinching them.
8dpo and on... abdomen just feels full. Laying on my stomach is uncomfortable and anything tight around my stomach is uncomfortable.

I just feel being 12 dpo and having symptoms since 3 dpo it would show up by now... I also have 4 kids so I know the feeling.

I'm going crazy. Af due in 2 days

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Stephanieever - if AF is due in two days I would just wait it out a few more days and test again (I know, not as easy as it sounds). I had a cycle a few months ago with symptoms very similar to yours and AF was almost a week late, but she showed up eventually :/ FX'd you get a BFP after another few days!

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I agree with the PP, just wait a few days and see what happens. Fingers crossed for you...

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