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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Can you really test an Evap Line with Water?

So here we go.... the other day I got what I though was a positive FRER, it had a pink line.. not a sharp line, but a line. I went online and read that Supposedly you can test an Evap Line by using water to wet the test, and then if it's an Evap Line the color goes away. So I did and the line went away. However, it said I had to dry the test first, which I didn't.

SO, has anyone tried this before? My FRER is negative this morning and so is my internet cheapie.


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Hmmmm that's interesting, I've never heard of that nor have I tried it, but I sure will try should I be blessed with a "BFP" again...

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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A true evap line, yes. Those form from the evaporated urine on the test strip or near it. When rewet they usually disappear without fail as long as the test isn't old enough to have stained.

The water test will not remove defects or indents though. If the line appears after the test is 15-20 minutes old it is likely not trust worthy and you should take another in a day or two.

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Oh i've never heard of this before ?

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