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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Er Visit during TWW abdominal pain

Last Saturday (5dpo) I was at the beach with the family when all of a sudden the pain started. I have IBS so when it hits, it hits randomly. I thought that it was just an IBS attack so I went and tried to use the bathroom... I had gone several times that week ( mine causes constipation sorry for the TMI) so I didnt understand why I was having so much pain. The pain came and went for about an hour, played in the ocean and stuff. Then it started to get worse, then unbearable. I went to the bathroom again, and my urine was a dark yellow. If any of you have had stones before that color change is dreaded. My urine is ALWAYS clear I drink a gallon of water a day.... We drove home and I went to the ER by the time I got there I was screaming in pain, it was worse than my labor unmedicade op baby.

They did a CT and Ultrasound. I have several small kidney stones, blood in my pelvis surrounding the cul-de-sac and right ovary, and a 3.8 cm ovarian cyst. Went back to the ER on tuesday because the pain got worse.... it has grown from 3.8 to 4.8 and the blood is still there.

Today I am 13 dpo and I am so scared that although we did everything right this cycle, these medical issues are going to prevent a sticky baby.

I do have endometriosis and it took 6 month to conceive my son after being cleaned out, 2 years to conceive my daughter, and I had to have an emergency csection with her she got stuck , OB said my endo was so bad she has no idea how I even got pregnant in the first place.... its been four years since then.... We have been ttcing for 18 months now. I am switching OBGYN's and hoping this dr can help me,... he is a regular and fertility specialist.

Anyone else have issues like this during their TWW and moved on to a healthy pregnancy??

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Well I'm still in my tww but I understand. I had an ER visit last night for abdominal pain, but turns out I've got a layer of fat around my liver. Because my immune system got burnt out from trying to juggle two jobs and one day off a week and my body started attacking itself. But I am 5DPO now too. So fingers are still crossed.

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