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AF 2 days late, spotting pink and clear with red streaks AND brown when wipe

Hi ladies- I'm new here but by no means new to pregnancy. I have five beautiful children! THIS is new to me though! my cycle days are between 25-26 days long like clockwork. I ovulated on CD9, bd on cd 7, 9, 10, and 12. time passed- af was due on cd 25 or cd 26- noting, two days later in evening, noticed pink when wiping. Thought maybe af decided to show. Put tampon in- normally I would soak through by morning, but it was only wet at the top, and not soaked at all. Didn't think too much of it, thought maybe this one was just off to a slow start. Now second day of spotting and I stuck the diva cup in, in case because I know my body usually hits with a vengeance and blood fills the diva every few hours. It didn't fill even after 8 hours. (I know but we got caught up in today) So when I wiped just now, it was gooey and pink, then clear with some red flecks, and brown. I'm so confused. Is this a chemical pregnancy passing? Is this implantation? I could and I guess I will test tomorrow morning with FMU. Would it help to know I have a headache, and smell aversion hit me crazy today, which I found odd. I gagged at a few different smells today. Nothing else noticeable though. And I'm not cramping for af, I do feel a little heavy down there but I don't even know. You'd think having five kids I'd know this by now?

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did you test?

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