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Dollarama HPTs (a public service announcement ;) )

I was in a Dollarama today and couldn't help picking up some cheapie HPTs. Last time I was TTC, they had the Pro Care brand which I had a good experience with. Now they're carrying a different one labeled Medi Care. And they had two different kinds, one that just said "Pregnancy Test" and another that was almost 3x as expensive that said "Early Pregnancy Test."

Nothing on the Early packaging said how sensitive the test was, but even at 3x as expensive it was still only like $3, so I grabbed a couple of the Early version as well as some of the regular. Got home, checked the insert... and they're 25 miU. Which is the same as the regular ones. So basically you're paying 3x as much for the bonus of having the word Early printed on the box...

Anyway, I figured I'd let people know so they know to avoid the Early version. Just get the cheapest ones--they're the same!

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XD i have a lot of experience with pregnancy tests of all different kinds of brands and ive come to learn with a lityle patience the 80 cent tests at walmart are just as good as top brands like first response. True first response has always shown the clearest lines the earliest, but they all tell you negative or positive in the end

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