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2DW? Lol

So...TMI ahead.

I started my period around July 8, it was very light after some sex and I thought nothing of it, it did take most of the week to come full force, bled through a few tampons with some clots, nothing out of the norm for me (periods aren't predictable for me, they come when they come...more regularly lately).

Come July 22nd, I had sex again with a very light period, almost non existent at that point.

Few days go by and there is still a little spotting, but just figured it was from the sex. Stops for a few days. Then I was laying in bed last week and I got some uncomfortable feelings in the uterus area, not pain or cramps but just twinges I guess?

Few days go by and I start bleeding again, but this time it is very watery/diluted and not lots of blood. "Bled" through another few tampons and the panties weren't bright red, just wet with a little blood colour to it. Feeling tired mostly, spent all of the weekend at home curled up on the couch doing diddly squat and now have a bad phlegmy cough and eating like a cow.

Anywho, ordered some pregnancy test strips from Amazon this evening so I can take one in about 2 days

Not trying, not preventing 26 yo

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How's your tests turn out?

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