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Irregular post partum periods or in need of hpt?

I'm not sure where this goes on this forum but I figured here many people would be tracking their cycle and have more knowledge.

I got my first post partum period at 18 months. It was light and lasted for 2 days. It was 4 to 5 days long prior to dd2. Cd1 was on 23rd July. Average cycle before dd2 was 35 days.

Soooooo is it common to be irregular afterhaving a child? When I had dd1 AF arrived after 11 months and went straight into my 35 day cycle. Having said that I do get the odd 28 or 40 day cycle.

Today is cd41. I'm travelling with my family and can't just sneak off to get a Frer or something. I feel like AF is about to arrive. At least a BFN would put my mind at ease.

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