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HELP! Currently evading pregnancy and feel SO pregnant - is it real? Can't test yet!

Hey! I've nver used a forum such as this before! But going stir crazy and support is where i'm in need. I feel VERY pregnant.

Symptoms since last week (1st day of my period was 20th Aug and was 3 days long and have regular intercourse, so immediately straight after my period ended - according to math i would be on day 18 now):

My partner and I are currently trying NOT to get pregnant, however use the Natural Cycles app and I have low egg reserve and have been considered by doctors as not being particularly fertile (although haven't had my tubes checked just yet, that was next on the list!).

> Sore breasts that if i brush past them or shower is just like nothing i've had before. And still going. I happened to notice only a hairdryer gave them respite the other day! Eeek. Keep wearing camis in bed to avoid knocking them!!
> Nipples mostly erect and also v sore.
> Major cotton mouth, wondered if i had oral thrush. It's died down a bit today but yesterday was arid like the Saraha
> Food has been tasting weird increasingly leading to the cotton mouth. Everything tastes like it has fake stuff in. Even if i eat a banana. All natural and taste weird afterwards.
> My nose bled a little today, nothing crazy though
> My teeth have been aching to the point some days they felt like they were just going to depart my mouth, since around mid last week
> Trapped wind
> Peeing is weird. Not a normal flow and a lot of visits to toilet
> Emotional af - like wild emotions up and down PMT on stilts
> Really terrible sleeper but sleeping as any point i get a chance. My partner says i'm never like this. Just constantly out for the count.
> Feel attached to the concept that i'm pregnant and albeit i didn't plan this and it would be good if i'm not right now, i feel overwhelmingly sad that these symptoms may not result in pregnancy.

I have read that phantom pregnancies are a thing. Very rare, but can happen. Does anyone have any supporting info or stories on this?

My cycles have been very erratic the last year, lasting as long as 96 days and being as short as 18. I lost a lot of weight and gained it back too, result of stress in early 2016. And traveled rural Africa so exposed to very different climate. So i'm not easy to measure with averages!

Just came for support really. I can't test for at least another 7 days - it's killing me and really causing a lot of emotions between my partner and I.

Thanks xxx

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Why can't you test for another 7 days? If the symptoms you describe are due to pregnancy, then there should be enough of the hormones in your system for a test, especially an early detection one, to show it. And if you get a negative result, then you can be reasonably sure those symptoms are not because of pregnancy. Might as well get some kind of answer instead of worrying about it for another week!

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Waiting To Try (WTT)
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Hey thank you - so i've read everywhere, particularly with erratic cycles that you shouldn't test too early and i'm still 7 days shy of when my last period length was. So even early detection is too soon to pick up which recommends 4 days prior. I feel like if i got a negative right now it wouldn't help ease any anxiety. That's the problem. :/

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