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Going slightly insane

My cycles are typically 35-38 days in length with an 8-10 day menses. I typically ovulate around the 19th or 20th day. I don't use OPKs or anything but I do check and record my cervical position, height, texture, and degree of openness (closed, half open, open).

This month has been different. I definitely remember DTD on what I believe was the day before ovulation (based on my calendar, my cervix, and the O pains I felt the evening after DTD). My nipples were so sensitive during foreplay and 'the deed' that I was nearly crying out in pain.

Eight days later I woke up in the middle of the night with this odd up and down rippling sensation in my pelvic region. The sensation lasted about an hour or two before stopping. The next morning I noticed a pink smear on the toilet paper. Perhaps that was implantation? Ever since that weird rippling sensation I've been feeling off: dizzy, ravenous, craving sweets, congested, sore throat, tender breasts. I've also felt calm and serene.

I'm nervous to POAS for several reasons. I'm 15dpo but am not due to start my period until October 5th so I may receive a false negative (though if I am pregnant and having symptoms, theoretically I should have a positive HPT?). I'm also reluctant to test because I've been pregnant three times but two ended in miscarriages between 5 and 9 weeks. However, my current symptoms are the same if not stronger than the ones I had with my successful pregnancy. I wasn't tracking my cervix with that pregnancy, though, so I don't know what's normal for my cervix during early pregnancy.

Basically, I'm going nuts because some days I'm 100% certain that I am, other days I have no symptoms at all and am 100% certain I'm not. Tonight's 15dpo cervix check was low, EWCM, VERY soft, open while other days at the same time of the day it's been medium height, creamy CM, soft, and closed.

What have other ladies observed about their cervix before a BFP or BFN? Is the cervix even an accurate predictor of early pregnancy? Should I test now or when I'm actually due for my period (remember that my cycle is about 10 days longer than the average mama bear's!)?

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Waiting to test until the day AF is due is primarily based on the "average" LP for 14 days, and as a secondary thing, also to avoid picking up on a possible chemical pregnancy. Regardless of your LP length, implantation occurs 6-12 days after ovulation, with the most common being 9-10 days. At 15dpo, you should have an accurate htp result.

That said, I see you posted this 3 days ago. I'm wondering if you've tested yet?

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