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Implantation or AF??

I am approximately 12dpo and after going to the toilet earlier I had pinkish cm after wiping. I've put a pad on and noticed that I now have brown discharge on the pad. Yesterday and today I have been experiencing sharp twinges in both sides.

AF is due in two days so what do you ladies think?

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That exact thing happend to me and I had 3 pos pregnancy test very faint lines different tests. But it turned out to be AF it's never happened to me before now so it was strange.

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I'm curious as well, as I had some pink spotting when I wiped this morning at 8dpo. 12dpo is a little late for implantation bleeding, but not unheard of, if I remember correctly, anywhere from 6dpo to 12dpo are the range for implantation bleeding. The colors are usually pink or brown, or on occasion fresh red looking blood, but only a very small amount, like you see it from wiping once or up to three times, but no longer. That being said, you can still bleed while pregnant and it seems like AF, but it actually isn't, it happened to my sister, she didn't realize she was pregnant for over two months because she had two "periods" at the time she was supposed to. She pointed out that the bleeding was far lighter than usual though. Now, I love giving hope, but you have to remember that most pregnant women don't experience implantation bleeding or bleeding in a healthy pregnancy. Given the timeline and color/amount, it looks promising though.

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