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Missed AF! Regular cycle. Not symptom spotting. BFP?

Hi all!

Just thought I would share my bfp story (I'm aware that this is the tww forum) just in case anyone needed to know what I felt during the tww. For starters, my partner and I were not trying/not preventing. In fact, I was somewhat shocked to learn I'm with child!

I have a very regular 31 day cycle and expected AF on 10/7/17. Rewind to about 10/3 -10/4 and this was the first day I suspected anything. I dont usually experience any breast tenderness or pain before AF, and on that day, I woke up to heavy boobies. They didn't "hurt", but they felt swollen and slightly tender near my armpits. Also on this day, the right side of my entire back felt achy and sore ( I lift in the gym, so I assumed it was because of that. I also wondered if i was beginning to catch the flu because it felt like achy "flu body" lol).

Over the next few days, the only thing I can say I noticed were cramps similar to those you get right before or during AF. I constantly ran to the bathroom to wipe because I just KNEW my cycle was coming and didn't want to start symptom spotting. I also took 3 naps on 10/7 which was the same day I expected AF to show. I'll also mention that the morning before my bfp, I tossed and turned ALL night. I woke up around 4am and could not fall asleep again for an hour. I knew then...something was up and tested at 6:30am.

Here's the kicker...last month, I just KNEW I'd be pregnant because we did a lot of baby dancing and I also felt every symptom imaginable. This month when I didn't feel anything...BFP at CD35 or 17dpo. I did NOT test until after missing AF. I'd rather see my cycle show, than to test and see that I waited until day 3 of missed AF. I also used fmu.

I hope this helps someone! please ask questions if you'd like! good luck!

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Thanks for the info!! Congratulations

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