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15 DPO AF due today-no show with symptoms

I haven't tested yet, mainly because I don't want it to be just an irregular cycle and for me to get my hopes up but here are my symptoms this far.
1-7 dpo; nothing, not even a little bit.
7 dpo: Cramping from left side
Random slight cramping
Random nausea through out the day but nothing significant until
15 dpo (today)
Nausea really bad for about five-ten minutes
My left side isn't cramping it just feels tight, almost like someone has a hold of it really hard
I've honestly have had BM's four times today and three yesterday.
This is very rare for me even more so around the time AF is supposed to come. I am typically consistpated until about two days into AF.
I am jittery, and my insides feel fluttery and weird.

AF was due today but I don't even feel her coming on. So I guess I will have to see if she comes later today but typically like clockwork she comes while I'm sleeping along with vicious cramps two days before.

Anyone else with anything similar?

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Pregnancy often comes with constipation, and the opposite is often associated with AF cramping. That said, if you're due today and AF hasn't come, go test!

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