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Did you have heightened sense of smell @ 7dpo and end up with BFP?

Iím about 7 dpo (would be 10dpo but FF changed the date which is AMAZE considering BD dates) and have had crazy sense of smell since yesterday. PLUS a temp rise today! Iím sooo curious to see what tomorrowís temps look like!

2 nights ago I had to get out of bed bc I felt so nauseous. (Too early for anything Iím sure) I just chalked it up to blood sugars ate a cracker and went and took a bath to ease my mind.

All day today, my nose has hated me. I can literally smell every damn thing in this house considering Iíve had the sniffles. But literally everything ... can be smelled by this chick right here. Foods I cooked yesterday.

Bbs sore and heavy. Fingers crossed these are all good signs! Ds is 4 now and asking for a new baby 😍 my twin has a 1 year old so he wants his own Baby Eva lol.

Todayís temp could totally be a fluke, tomorrow will tell. But I took it at the same time as always 7am. Took my temp again this evening because my head feels off and itís 99.7 so weíll see.
Timing wise, my lowest temp on my chart was taken 3 hours later than normal so idk how much difference time makes in charting.
(Been charting off and on since 2010)

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