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Help please! HPT+, negative at doctor

I took a HPT on Saturday and got a very very faint positive. I took another test on Monday and I had a stronger positive, although not as strong a line as I would have hoped. I confirmed with a digital that said yes+. I went in today for a blood test (I've lost track of how many dpo I am, I think maybe 16, and 5 days since I missed my period) and the doctor asked me to do a quick urine test as well. I hadn't gone to the bathroom in about 4 hours. Well, it was NEGATIVE. Of course I freaked out and went and bought another HPT. I tested 4 hours later when I got home and I got a strong positive. I will have blood results tomorrow but I'm still freaking out any ideas or insights?

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Yes. You may have drunk more, your urine being more diluted. It makes all the difference early on. It may not have been long enough at that point for the hormone to build back up in your urine and doctor's tests aren't as sensitive as the tests you likely used. I have read a doctor's test varies from 25-100mIU, so if your digi was between say 25-50mIU, what with you already having been to the toilet and probably having had a drink or so before, it's likely it was too diluted for that test at that time.
If your bloods return good then I don't think you have to worry. It's possible for a chemical early on, but given you said you took another test the same day and got a strong positive I think it's more likely your urine was too diluted when the doctor did their test

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