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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Decidual bleeding / abnormal af / low hcg levels / help

Hi guys,

If you have experienced decidual bleeding please share your story here. If you know anyone who got BFNs for a long time w/ pregnancy symptoms before finally getting a after several months please comment!

Here's my situation:
Disclaimer: At this point I'm pretty convinced (or at least I'm trying to convince myself) that I'm not pregnant, but I have this nagging feeling that my TWW has NOT been normal at all and I can't ignore the weird things I'm feeling/have felt.

I have tracked CF, BBT and everything else. I'll get right into the weird stuff. My cycles are 28-30 days long. CD1 was October 1st. I've attached my chart.

My temps have been really high. Hovering around 99 from 10DPO. I have wondered if my thermometer is messed up, but my daytime temps are also very high. They are 99.4 - 99.5 and even one point got up to 100 around 9DPO. I have been testing and getting BFNs even though I have been experiencing some weird things.

Weird symptom: Felt absolutely convinced AF was going to show up. I had all the signs, was feeling hormonal, backache, wet down there, bloating, crampy. IT WAS TOO SOON though and very weird! AF obviously didn't show.

Odd symptoms: Had sore boobs (normal), fatigue everyday (not normal), less bloated than usual, taking naps (weird), disturbed sleep (this was VERY weird) - lost ability to stay up, could not sleep in during the morning (VERY WEIRD) - I kept being woken up by my DH in the morning which isn't usually the case, heart murmurs/palpitations (VERY WEIRD), twinges, sharp pains, feeling ill/lethargic, etc., etc. Took preg test at 8DPO -

Things got really weird. I felt like I was on drugs. I was so energized all of a sudden, was hyper and felt like I was in a manic state of mind (like i had bipolar disorder - I don't). At the end of the day I got into a LARGE fight with my DH and cried a total 3 times throughout the day. One of the times I cried in the middle of talking to him, tears just streamed down my face. It's my first real serious cycle TTC so I felt like I was losing my mind. I was so nutty I took 3 preg tests and got a all 3 times. (I wouldn't have done this in my right mind) My DH was freaked out a bit, but became convinced I may be pregnant. We made up at the end of the day and I felt a bit more normal by bedtime.

12-16DPO (Today)
Suddenly felt ALL the symptoms leave. I felt "normal" for the first time since 1-2DPO. Such a relief! I had so much energy and felt so happy and calm. Some heart murmurs/palpitations. Still on ic
13DPO I began spotting. At first, I thought it was AF, but it was very weird/atypical of my AF. I had (TMI) red streaks of bright red through clear ewcm, a few brown globs and that that was it. In 3 wipes. Besides that I had no signs AF was showing, no backache, no blah mood, no bloating, no cramps. I was calm, happy... Also AF usually turns into a full on flow after 3-4ish hours of spotting. This is the first time ever in my whole menstrual cycles that I have one day of spotting that was not AF. I didn't even need a panty liner because it was 5 wipes total. I also felt an intense heat down there (from extra blood flow!) that increased my sex drive - this was not normal at all. Also very hungry!
14DPO I was still spotting (didn't need a liner) and was also still feeling heat down there, but it was not to the same level at the previous day. I was either expecting AF to show or for it to stop but I got a still. My chart shows some of my symptoms - I started to get mild cramps and boobs were sore again. Hunger still up! Some needle stabbing pains and twinges.
15DPO I woke up feeling wet and crampy. Went to wipe and got some streaks of bright red, followed by brown globs. Then the 3rd wipe was full on red blood. I was so sad, but also instantly knew it was all off. I've never had AF start with 2 days of spotting (13-14DPO) then 2 days of bleeding (15DPO-16DPO)... I've had cramps that have been very manageable and the bleeding is a mild version of my horrible severe crampy AF. There are tiny, dot sized clots, and none of the large clots I am used to so far. I also (still) have no bloating, no backache, cramps - yes, but my mood also feels WAY up the way it does during day 4 or 5 at the end of my period not beginning. It is a mild version of what I am used to. Weird and not normal. I also still felt very hungry when I usually have low appetite on 1st day of AF.
I have also been getting a weird sensation on my left arm and my left breast almost like a warm liquid is rushing through my arm. (feels like ICY HOT) It tingles and I've felt it in my chest (almost like heartburn) and also underneath my breasts and around my sternum. This is not normal. I think it may be because my heart is pumping more blood?

I read about decidual bleeding and that many women who have it get and have "periods" or lighter versions then usually find out they are pregnant after 2-3 months when the bleedings starts to become very very light or disappears. I'm not sure if I fit this category but I still have very high temperatures from BBT and I have had the most strange past 2 weeks and keep getting :BFN: At this point I just want normal AF to show up so I can try again but now I am confused what to do. Because what if my HCG levels are very low? What if I can't confirm for another month? I'm feeling the best I have ever felt on a period and I know that is not normal. My periods are so regular and the symptoms are always the same. I usually also get cramps a few days before my period. This time.. nothing.

Please help! I have a doctors visit set for Monday and I'm not even sure what to tell them. I don't want to ignore the weird symptoms and find out later that I was actually pregnant so I'm going to get a blood test done. But I'm also just worried about it all... I'm also going to take one last preg test this Friday and will update on what happens for people interested.

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With my son I got my positive test at 9dpo, but I had bleeding each month until I was about 14 weeks- several times it was just like a period- with cramping and bleeding

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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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