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I don't even know what's wrong with my body right now

As the title says. I need help! This is what's been going on the past couple months. I am, for the record, a relatively healthy 36 year old and I am at a good weight. My period is ALWAYS between 28-30 days. Always.

First day of LMP on Sept 14.
DTD Sept 25 & 27
Yeast infection Oct 3 (probably started a couple days prior but I treated it on this day).
Started getting pregnancy symptoms around the 6th.
Period due on Oct 13. On this day I had no sign of it whatsoever, but at exactly 8 pm I was at work and had a really weird stabby, pinchy cramp exactly two inches below my belly button. Pain was not like a period, a bit milder but definitely noticeable. This lasted for about five minutes then went away. But I had this weird sense of awareness like "oh, there you are" and it's kind of stuck with me.
Finally got a "period" on Oct 17. Normal for me is several days of spotting, four days or so bleeding with day two the worst with lots of cramps and very heavy bleeding. This "period" on the 17th was about half a day long and was in such a small amount that if it wasn't gross I could have used just one pad and not even filled it.
Daily bouts of nausea begins on Oct 27. I have not been able to take off sea bands since this day without being extremely sick.
On Halloween my hubs was looking at me really weirdly. He asserted at this point that I was pregnant. He said I looked, acted, and even smelled different than I usually do. He said we would buy a home test on Friday and we did.
Nov 3 and 7 both negative pregnancy tests.
But god, I am sooo sick! I feel pregnant and have so many symptoms (nausea, sensitive to smells, vivid dreaming, breast changes including widened aereolas, pinching and pulling cramps on and off, &c).
I used a clearblue type test (it was a two pack).
What in the world is going on with me?! If I don't count the weird half day period I am on CD 55! Shouldn't I get a positive test by now if I am pregnant? Or did I get a bad pack of tests and I am pregnant? Or I'm not pregnant and something is seriously wrong with me? Help!

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Not got any real answers for you, but didn't want to read and run. Perhaps get a doctors appointment to get bloods taken? Or even an ultrasound to see what may be going on. Hope you get some answers soon

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I agree, it sounds like it's time to visit your doctor to get some answers.

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