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Possibly Pregnant? Unsure Now & Bleeding Worrisome...


I'll try and make this condensed (Spoiler alert, didn't really do that haha.. ).

I was very certain I was pregnant for the last couple weeks. I have had a multitude of symptoms and I feel like I just knew.. My period was late by 2 days so I took two HPT which both came back BFN. So, on day 3 of my late period my BF and I had sex thinking it was just a late period.

Usually I don't have late periods; they are almost always on time every 4 weeks with the same bleeding for 6 to 7 days: Some brown spotting on day 1, heavy bleeding and very strong cramps (that can sometimes put me out of commission for the day) for day 2, heavy bleeding with lesser cramps for day 3 and 4, and then a slow taper off into nothing for the next 2 to 3 days.

On day 4 of my late period I started spotting light pink; barely there when I wiped and definitely none on a pad or liner. Was having some very minor, dull, almost unnoticeable cramping over my lower abdomen since day 3 of my late period (no blood that day). On day 5 I was bleeding every so slightly more, but still nothing coming onto a pad and only when I wiped.

Day 6 (Yesterday) was a day of concern for me. I woke up to more blood when I wiped and this time it was red, but still none on the liner and another trip to the bathroom later it seemed to have gone back to the barely there spotting. I had to run some errands so I took the bus to the mall and once I got there I went to the bathroom and I was bleeding a lot more and it had run a bit up the front of me and onto the liner and in my underwear. (Sorry! tmi :S ) I threw on a pad and tried to be quick with my errands.

Through the afternoon, starting right before I headed out, I was getting cramps that felt more like day 3 of my regular period; not too strong to put me out but decent enough that I was uncomfortable. So I went home to go lie down. Before I did, I went and purchased a box of test strips and took one at the mall; BFN. Got home, had more blood when I wiped (about 5 to 7x more than the previous day) and some worse cramping. Laid down for almost 2 hours and took another test strip; BFN again.

Bleeding hasn't stopped since (and it is now 5am) but is still not enough to do almost anything on a pad. Since I went to the mall, each time I wipe I am now seeing what I believe to be clots? and there are a decent number of them compared to the volume of fluid. I woke up at 4am and took two more strip tests with both being BFN.

I've gone from this being irritation from sex, to possible MC, to a very strange, and late, period (which never happens), back to irritation from sex, to decidual bleeding, to not being pregnant at all... I am not sure what to do. All the HPT are negative. We are currently in China for my BFs job so it is not as easy to get into a doctor or the ER and I do not have access to my regular family doctor here.

All of the forums I read don't quite fit my scenario so I'm wondering if any of you can help Sorry for the TL;DR.

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