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Symptom thread!

Hi ladies,

I thought we could do a symptom thread of what symptoms we are currently experiencing.

I'm on cycle day 32, 3 days late for my period when my usual cycles are only 28-29 days and very regular, however got a BFN the day AF was due so I'm holding out until tomorrow to test again.

Today, my symptoms are (TMI):

- Tingly feeling in my nipples
- A little light pink spotting this morning
- Mild cramping
- Increased creamy cm.
- Increased fatigue.

I realize these all can also be PMS, or because I'm over-analyzing my symptoms because I'm TTC but I'm holding out hope!

What are your current symptoms through your TWW?

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Thought I would join in, if only to keep myself going crazy.
I don't know where I am, how many days past ovulation I am or anything but I FEEL so different.
We DTD Friday 10th at 01:30 - was a surprise to me too
I felt fine on the Friday, Saturday hit and cramping. Unbelievable. Cramps are still here 7 days later, unusual. my boobs have been sore, well on and off. I have had waves of feeling sick, my stomach is gurgling like crazy and now I have creamy discharge, sorry for TMI, bloated to the point fastening my jeans is becoming a task.
I cannot shake the feeling.

I know its ridiculously early and more thank likely in my head but heyhum. Let's wait and see!

FX for your BFP!! X

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I had very light period last month and have been sensitive to smells and heaving a lot was sure I was pregnant but bfn cue to my next period now being late by a day but my symptoms these past two weeks are as follows
Sensitive boobs
Pins and needles in feet for no reason
Hiccups every day
Feeling like UTI but none present
Peeing lots
Slight cramping
Sensitive gag reflex
And really dry cm for over a week now
I tested today again bfn I only used a cheap test I'm not sure whether to get an expensive test and test again in a few days

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Symptom central over here

Irritable, nausea & sickness, tiredness, sore boobs & sensitive nips, weirdly high sense of smell considering I have a stinking cold! frequently needing to pee, cramps, back ache, heartburn.. the list seems to go on and on

I'm 9 dpo today.... bfn @ 3dpo & 7 dpo (duh!) Possible faint line yesterday and today... but not sure. Taken on a cassanovum IC..... bought some Tesco ones this morning so planning IF my temp is still up/goes higher I'll test in the morning. If it drops I'm waiting another few days as I'm SICK of seeing bfn

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