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How long after implantation...

How long after implantation can you get a bfp?


I'm not sure how many days past ovulation I am (or honestly if I have even ovulated) but my best guess is that I'm 11dpo today. Yesterday (so 10dpo), I took a FRER and got a bfn and also experienced some spotting. It was old blood (dark browish/red color) and there wasn't any flow to it, it was just there when I wiped and some spots in my underwear, but not nearly enough for a pantyliner to be necessary. It seems to have stopped completely now. I'm hoping that maybe it was implantation bleeding. If it was, how long should I wait to test again?

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The exact same thing happened to me !!

I am currently 10-11dpo. I ended up testing this morning and got a BFN. super sad because I don't know if it means that I am not pregnant or if I tested early.

I had a bit of spotting yesterday afternoon. It was barely next to nothing and light pink. Its very unusual that this happened as I have never had that happen before . So I was almost positive that I conceived. But after taking a FRER today and it being negative I have lost hope

Hoping and praying that it is still early and we both still have a chance !!!Fingers crossed and lots of baby dust to you !!

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