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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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11DPO...How long did it take you to conceive?

Hi Ladies,

How long did it take y'all to conceive for your first pregnancy?

This is our first month of TTC and I am currently 11dpo. I have a feeling that AF is going to arrive. I am due in 4 days and I just took a FRER and got a so I am super sad and getting discouraged.

I know that it wont happen right away as it takes some women months to get pregnant but I was really hoping that I was this month considering some of the few symptoms I have which included light cramps since 1dpo, nightsweats, frequent urination, vivid dreams, milk cm and yesterday when I went to the bathroom I had the slightest pink ( like 2 dots) of spotting which I am assuming AF is going to be arriving shortly.

I am so upset. I really thought that I was pregnant with all the new symptoms that I was feeling.

I guess next month?

Anyways id love to hear all of your stories and how long it took you ladies to conceive I automatically think that if it doesn't happen right away that I am infertile. it is driving me mad.

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Hi For my first pregnancy it took two cycles.

Good luck

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Honestly, TTC is such an unpredictable process. Some women get pregnant every cycle they actively try to conceive and some take more than a year. And there's seemingly no rhyme no reason to it.

For me, it took 3 cycles to conceive the first pregnancy (but I miscarried at 4w3d), then it took another 6 months (miscarried again), then 9 months after that (and so far so good - fingers crossed).

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It can be so different for everyone and even so different between the first and second time trying!

My ds took one month but this second pregnancy took 15 months actively ttc so you just never know.

Try not to get discouraged after just one month, itís perfectly normal to take up to a year!

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I conceived first cycle with my first.

I am trying to conceive my second now and don't feel very hopeful.

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#1 took 2 years (the first 18 months ntnp)
#2 took 18 months actively trying but started taking vitex the last 3 months
#3 took vitex for one cycle & got pregnant
#4 (8 years later) took vitex for 3 months & got pregnant
#5 took vitex for 2 cycles & got pregnant.
We're now ntnp for #6 but after the new year if I'm not pregnant I'll start vitex again.

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I'm feeling the same, 11dpo and we did the BD at the right times; but I know AF is coming, I just feel it. Our first took 3-4 months to conceive, if I remember correctly, so this time around it's a little frustrating because I want to see that BFP already! I know my time is coming and so is yours! Good luck to you and I hope that we can see a BFP very soon!!!

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Baby #1 was on the first cycle of trying after a while of NTNP.

Now we've been trying for baby #2 since April (six cycles with good timing) and nothing's happened yet. Testing Friday...

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