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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Advice please ladies

Hi im new here and was just wondering if u ladies could let me know what u think? I think im majorly symptom spotting haha well to start i am 10dpo atm and so far have had a lower abdo cramp since about 4dpo which sometimes hurts when i cough or sit down too hard 😬 i also have had pink when i brush my teeth twice and for one day my teeth were aching very wierd feeling. When im standing my stomach kind of flips and make me feels kinda strange its so hard to describe and for the past two nights i have woken up at 3am with bad athsma and needed a wee 🙈 my lower back has also been aching so bad too. Amd my cervix is high and wet. White clumpy cm no smell or itching so not thrush etc. I dont temp so im unsure about that. One thing that was strange was when i was eating my chinese last week i had this overwhelming taste of mould in my mouth and i couldnt finish. Thats never happen to me before. Stomach is tender to touch and the ache is where my c section scar is. That area. Thank you in advance and baby dust to you all!

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The problem with symptom spotting is that a strong ovulatory cycle will mimic all the signs of pregnancy. Based on the onset of your symptoms, which seem to have hit before implantation could have even occurred, you're probably just having TWW symptoms. We also tend to be more aware of our symptoms when we are TTC. The mind plays cruel tricks! But at 10dpo, you'll be able to test soon and find out if any of these signs might have been signs of pregnancy. Good luck!

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