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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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14DPO...AF missing in action...

Hi ladies ,

So AF is supposed to arrive today for me and so far nothing. Normally I get spotting for a few days before the witch arrives but so far nothing.

I do want to test again but I am afraid. I took a test on sunday and it was a BFN. I took one a couple of days before that as well as BFN. The test I took was FRER. So if I was really pregnant it would definitely show on those tests wouldn't it have?

I am getting all the symptoms of AF arriving like the cramps and sore boobies and moody. but this can also be a sign of pregnancy as well.

I really want to test again today but I am so afraid that I am going to get another BFN and that AF is just late.

What do you ladies think I should do? Wait a couple of days to test or test today since I am always on time with AF and I might have done the tests to early to detect pregnancy?

I don't know what to do !

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If AF is still late, I'd go ahead and test.

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Test again!! Good luck xx

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I would test soon. Good luck!

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Don't want to be a killjoy but this happened to me and I found out I ovulated later than normal which made me 2 days late or so I thought but I actually was right on time when af came 2 days later and I had all these symptoms x

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