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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Too early??

My husband and I started TTC this past month. We purchased LH strips and found out when I was ovulating, which was around november 21st-22nd. 8-9 days after, i began to feel some symptoms, breast soreness /growth, light headedness, dull abdominal cramps for around 24 hours, major constipation, and very gassy. I have slight nausea, but not enough to make me sick. All these symptoms are still here today except for the cramps, those stopped after 24 hours.

I tried taking a pregnancy test that came with my LH strips, with negative results, and then tried a first response test with negative results. Am I too early? Or should something show on the tests this soon, even if its dull? Or an I just too hopeful?The only one of those symptoms I typically get before my period is sore breasts for about a week before my period.

I am a police officer, so im trying to find out ASAP if I am pregnant because I will go on light duty the second i find out. I dont want to be on the streets a minute more than I have to if I am pregnant. Should I attempt to get a blood test done, will doctors even allow a blood test this early?

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