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Extreme fatigue?

Hi all
At about 7dpo(big estimate not sure what day ovulation was) i got hit with extreme fatigue!
Slept basically all weekend. Was nauseas but never vomit. Had diarreaha but not uncontrollable. Just really knocked out tired. Still am today too.

Im tell myself its a virus cuz wld be too early still for this to be preg symptom...right?

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It is a bit early, but it's not impossible. Diarrhea is uncommon as a pregnancy symptom, though. I would be inclined to think that you may be ill, but that can sometimes happen at this point in the cycle (especially if pregnant) because your body suppresses the immune system a bit to avoid creating a hostile environment for the egg.

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It may be strange to say, but going from constipation (which I never am) to diarrhea has been the norm for me for about 2 weeks. And I got my bfp on December 2nd. Odds are, I am about 4 weeks now. Which means it would have started around implantation. So it is possible.

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