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Can someone please help TMI

I can't add a photo as I can't remember how to spoiler it and it's kind of gross.
I'm 9dpo today, wiped after peeing and had pink cm so checked cervix which was high soft and closed. Wiped after and this weird ball came out like a firm ish ball of jelly ewcm but it was red/lighter in places and squishy. It wasn't like a clot, and given I'm only 9dpo a loss would be too small to see. This was the size of the top of my little finger, about a cm or so. I'm using Cyclogest pessaries, which seem to collect gunk up there. Before using these I would have more cm come out but since using them I haven't had much. Could it be a build up of implantation bleeding that's coagulated with the leftover stuff from the pessaries and cm?

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