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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I知 so confused!!! Help please I知 desperate

Today AF is due and there is no sign of her. Lots of creamy CM and a BFN. I took a opk and it痴 turning pink again and mine are usually blank as can be around now and my clear blue advanced is blinking smiley. I知 annoyed. As a chemist and a registered nurse I know opk can detect hcg but I feel like the hpt would be positive by now. my temps are 97.7+ and 0 cramps or anything other than moodiness. I did have some interesting crams 10-11dpo but if I implanted that late I would know now right? 13dpo today. Ugh any insight?? I値l mention this is my second month after Mireya removal.

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My cycles were such a mess after my Mirena removal!

Do you temp to confirm ovulation, or are you relying on your OPKs? It's possible that you surged and got a positive previously, but didn't release an egg, and your body is gearing up for it again. That said, it's also possible that you implanted at 10-11dpo, as you suspect you may have, and just haven't reached testable levels of hcg. It can take up to 4 days for that to happen.

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