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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Sore throat symptom?

I am 5dpo and ive had a sore throat all day yesterday and it's gone today ! Really strange I'm now just getting some phlegm in my throat but feeling ok otherwise I've just seen online after googling one day sore throat that it can be a pregnancy symptom ! Apparently you get more mucus/phlegm due to estrogen I know I'm really wishing here 😂 but was curious to hear of anyone else who got this as a symptom before a bfp

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It's too early to really be experiencing any pregnancy symptoms. TWW symptoms and pregnancy symptoms both overlap, which can make things pretty confusing. It's more likely that you may be fighting a bit of a cold (it's that time of year). The body also suppresses the immune system to keep your egg safe in its travels, which can be a contributing factor for TWW colds and sniffles.

It could be a good sign. FX for you.

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